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Synopsis spelregels Civilization

uitgever: Eagle Games
jaar: 2002

• remove two ‘no encounter’ markers per player
• place 1 exploration marker (face down) on each land region
• each player: 20 gold + 2 settlers + 2 villages + 2 swordsmen
• start player: roll 2D6
• place 1 settler + 1 village + 1 swordsman in land region (1st c.w.; 2nd c.c.w.)
• each player: 1 ancient technology (without PREQ; at random)
• flip markers at settlements --> remove ‘minor civilisation’, ‘desert’, ‘plague’

Four era; new era after purchase of first technology of that era.
Four phases per turn; all players per phase.
At end of turn: check for new era; shift start player c.w.
End of game:
• short: at purchase of medieval technology if 1D6 <= # all medieval technologies in play.
• medium: at purchase of industrial/gunpowder technology if 1D6 <= # all ind./g.p. technologies.
• long: 1) total conquest; 2) diplomatic vict.; 3) military vict.; 4) technological vict. (pg. 18)
• VPs: Settlements/size + Wonders o/t World x 2 + Seminal discoveries x 4 + Bonus (pg. 25)

• move any settlers (2 MPs) and/or military units (1 MP)
sea movement (1/2/2/3 MPs): ship must be adjacent to land; enter/exit ship = 1 MP; max. 3 units/ship
air movement (3 MPs): end in region with own mil.unit or settlement or on carrier (max. 2 aircraft)
• stop: 1) if you look at exploration marker; 2) if battle
• battle: 1) if entering region containing mil.units and owner declares battle; 2) if you declare battle

• other players may join either side (initial defender = player with most mil.units)
• no retreat; units on ships = just cargo
• each player: choose 1 unit (+ 1 aircraft) and roll appropriate # D6
• loser: remove unit(s); city lost? --> city card to winner

(2) TRADE (if within range: table pg. 22)
• 1 resource city card against 1 resource city card (return after Production phase)
• any settlers, military units, cities, gold, technologies or wonders

• calculate income (gold):
1. city production: see card (size + happiness / productivity improvement + wonder + terrain)
--> change assignment of improvement and wonder cards to settlements; 1 to choose freely as happy
2. critical resources (roll 2 D6 on table pg. 23): +15 if appropriate resource city card
3. unique resources: +3 per resource city card type
4. monopolies: +20 if 3 resource city cards of same type; +40 if 4; +80 if 5
• if income < 10: receive 10
• return traded resource city cards to owners

(4) PURCHASE (table pg. 24)
1. military units: appropriate technology must be available; pay partly to owner of techn.; max. # new units in [ships: adjacent to] region = settlement size; sell mil.units bank for 1/5th of original price
2. city improvements (of current era only): appropriate technology must be available; pay partly to owner of techn.; max. 1 kind of improvement allowed per player; optional: if improvement build for 1st time: declare 1 improvement of previous era obsolete --> all players return that improvement to discard pile
3. upgrade settlements: appropriate technology must be available
4. settlements: exchange settler for village; get resource city card --> happy if resource = wine or gems
5. settlers
6. technologies: PREQ must be in play (see flow chart); old technologies = half price; take effect immediately; enable purchase of improvements and military units to all players; seminal discovery = 4 VPs; 1st techn. of new era --> next turn starts in new era --> old Wonders o/t World lose effect